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Not sure if I should cheer or cuss the rune/sigil changes

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Hi all. I have close to max characters on my account..buying character slots over the past 6 years adds up. I was completely happy with the superior rune of speed. Runspeed and a dollop of Vitality... I was happy. Runspeed increase without having to take powers and signets I did not want to take. The new patch took away the runspeed increase! All my characters, all of them, were now literally Runeless.

I stared at the screen in shock...why Arenanet????? Why do you hate me???? were my first cognitive thoughts.

I had even bought some Superior Rune of speeds in advance of the patch in case they did something so yummy to the runes everyone would want them.

Instead, everything came crashing down.

I like to call myself a marshmallow with a steel pit. Once I get through all the soft stuff, I am strong. I started looking for substitutions.

Yes, there is the Traveler runes, but since I was all shaken up, I started revisiting my character's powers and traits, and also started looking at all the available Runes...see if I could find something different...I do, after all, have mounts...if I get thrown off , well, I have started carrying revive orbs with me...yes, I am in Istan a lot.

This is why I am cheering. I am going outside my comfy build and thinking "what if?"

Now I am going crazy. Too many choices. I have to pick the right Runes because I have a sinking feeling that things are going to get horrendously expensive before Anet throws up their hands and makes a few changes...I salvaged a stack of some sigil, whose name I forgot, looking to get the Control thingy. Runes of Cleaning are looking good to me.

I got three. Yes, three. Out of a stack of 250.

So...how to pick the right runes in a short period of time....sigh.

Traveler runes are starting to look good. If I had not started thinking outside my cozy box, I would have grabbed them immediately, but I now feel that there are better options out there...

Anybody else having to revisit builds and get new runes and sigils and even traits??

Lisa-wanders out of this post muttering things about putting Superior Runes of the Ice on her Revenants and Reapers, Dolyak on her warriors, Ogre on her Thief/Daredevil, Traveler on her Guardians, and Rune of the Stars on her Bitterfrost berry farmers...I am a sad mess.

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