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Please help want to identify the outfit as i desire it, Thanks. Just want to buy it.


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Regarding the first "outfit.png" you linked:

  • Helm: None visible that I can see.
  • Shoulders: None visible that I can see.
  • Chest: Human Tier 3 Cultural Armor (requires being human to wear it)
  • Gloves: Likely the Embroidered Wristguards. Very cheap on trading post (a few copper).
  • Pants: Apprentice Pants . They are very cheap on trading post (a few copper), also they are the starter light female pants.
  • Shoes: I don't know offhand. There are likely a dozen or so that look just like those tiny shoes, so you should check out the wardrobe at the bank to find which pair you like.
  • Backpiece: Desert Rose. You can purchase with laurels from the Laurel Vendor, probably also from the trading post - not sure what their cost is right now, but probably only a few gold at most.

EDIT: I see you edited your post to embed a completely different image, so you should check out phs's response above for that image.

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