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Used this be great at rev but was easy to be good on rev back in the day it was op. I didn’t touch it for years but I have noticed the players that stuck with rev are all high ranked and can carry the game pritty hard. So this tells me it can be done but it’s fallen to a high risk high reward. Anyways my issue is meta battle I see it’s the same meta as always and always have been?? Is this the case or does no1 bother to update it . I tryed to ask some high revs their build but I get nothing. What is the current uptodate meta as I didn’t get the numbers I see out their on meta build, and I am aware it’s a time if thing also numbers are based on what rebuffs one has utility’s ready and buffs extra. Can anyone give me any light on a great build for roaming burst dps that is being used in spvp or is it the same as meta battle?

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