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[EU] Looking for friendly, casual guild [GMT+1 - WSR]


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We are two mmo-veterans from Denmark looking for a friendly place. One of us is fairly new to Guildwars (That's me :D) but we have been playing these sorts of games for 10+ years. Mainly WoW, where both of us did the hardcore raiding thing.We don't want to do that anymore, though. We would like a place that has a bigger focus on hanging out, doing dungeons and events, and pretty much all the game has to offer, without it being on a schedule. We would both love to do raids, at some point in the future, but we are in no rush and would rather just have fun.

Some personal info!I'm 32, have a 9-year-old (Hence, schedule is a terrible idea) and a student. My boyfriend is 28 and works as a chef (Hence, schedules are TERRIBLE!)We're both really friendly, your standard nerd, I guess. My boyfriend is the type of person who does dad-jokes and has a favorite physicists, and my spirit animal is a swearing unicorn.We're queer/lgbt friendly and we love to talk.


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Hi Dekina,

You might want to check out my guild, The Orchid Circle. We are on the smallish side and prefer to keep on the side of a more social/community focused guild than a larger one. We are mostly focused on PvE (nowadays mostly Fractals) but we do have PvP events and WvW fans as well.Being on EU and mostly people with family/work we tend to play in the evening hours. You can find more info and can apply for an invite (if that does not scare you away :) ) on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/RX96YD5 also post any questions there or feel free to whisper me.

Hope you find the right place for you guys either way!


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