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Connectivity Issues/Crashes

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My husband and I have been both having issues with connectivity issues and random crashes, and not even at the same time. We've tested our router and it's fine (all other games, web browser, streaming, etc is working). I tried it on my laptop with the game client as well and the same issue. This has been happening frequently since the last patch and several members of our guild have also mentioned the same thing happening to them since then as well.

Right now I can't even get into the game period as for some reason the game client can't contact the login server OR it connects, let me in and then immediately disconnects or boots to desktop.

Build: 93613Error Code: 42:1000:7006:1232


Build: 93613Error Code: 58:11:5:535

I know that is saying connectivity on our side, however as I stated, everything connectivity on our end is working fine. Nothing has changed firewall wise for years, no new updates save for windows updates, which we've gone through and checked to make sure no settings were changed, I've checked the router settings and they are the same and fine as well.

Update: We've been testing things out as well and it always seems to crash when loading into zones.

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