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Chuka and Champawat IV Bug?

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  • I crafted Tigris
  • I completed Tiger Den Map
  • I completed 'Completed Baby Book'

Am supposed to talk to Cymbel in Field of Ruin after obtaining Baby Book for next collection? To get 'Tiger Training Guide'But when I talk to her, the option available is;

  • I was hoping to talk to you about tigers.
  • I misplaced my Naturalist's Journal.That's all! Is this a bug? Can't proceed to next collection! Please help!
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@Danikat.8537 said:It's a separate achievement, under General > Explorer.

@Stalvros.9217 - It used to be under Legendary Weapons, but was moved to Explorer to make it possible for players to do it without starting C&C.I'm glad to inform you that you should already have the majority of Spirit of the Tiger done from visiting the dens during the previous collections.

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