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[SUGGESTION] Revise achievement rewards


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From what I see, achievement rewards are signatures of a player's dedication. The more dedicated the player to accomplish them, the more reward they get. Or that's how it would feel for a while, but that really staggers at some levels.At the beginning Zenith, Radiant and Hellfire skins are like the most amazing things for newbies. They don't really have skins, and even if they get the basics and then some, they lack the eye candy feeling so it's understandable. When I got my Zenith shield about 3 years ago I was absolutely amazed by it. Nowadays its not a big deal for me, but still got that sweet sweet Pinnacle skin to get. However, while the road to get the Zephyr shield was pretty amazing, at higher AP levels its pretty lackluster. Sure it gets harder to get AP as you accomplish more, and that's fine, but feels way less rewarding. I'm talking specifically about the small Achievement Chest . It's really a bummer when your reward for reaching 16500, 18500, 24500, and so on and so on... is 1 laurel, a daily achievement completion and 1% gold find. Though getting the first Pinnacle skin must feel really amazing after the nothing of 28500AP.

I think it would motivate a lot more people to invest some time exploring more of the world and the mechanics if the reward curve would be smoother than the roller-coaster it is right now.

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