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Legendary Equipment (Achievement Items)

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Hey guys,

I wanted to ask a question here before potentially sending a ticket to CS.A few weeks ago I've trashed 3 legendary items (The Ascension back item, Ad infinitum back item, Aurora)I'd like to re-craft them. The issue is that certain items needed for the Mystic Forge are tied to achievements which I've already done.

Is there a way to repurchase from an NPC or something either the legendary item of the account limited achievement reward?Example: The Ascension - item "Gift of the Competitor"Aurora - item "Spark of Sentience" , "Gift of Valor" and so on...

I've tried looking at the NPC in Lion's Arch but he doesn't sell any of the parts for the legendaries I had. Can I turn to an NPC or is this a "send a ticket" case?

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All of the legendaries made via collections can only be made once. The expectation is that once you've got them you'll hold onto them, especially since they're top tier equipment with selectable stats, so it's not like you can find something better.

The same is true of a lot of other collection items, but most of those are a unique skin over a normal item, and once you've got it the skin goes into your wardrobe so you can't use it.

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