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I want an epic aerial map with dragon world boss fight


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EDIT: Cleared things up and described in more detail.

One thing I was really disappointed with WoW was that it had flying, but instead of creating amazing maps and epic battles that involve using flying, it resorted to boring ground based stuff and tried to ditch flying mounts altogether. I just saw the Edge of the Mists map in the WvW tab and remembered the kind of epic world boss fight I always wanted.

The map will take place in the air on floating islands, like the Edge of the Mists map (please see that map first, if you haven’t). It'll require players with gliding and griffon in order to get to the dragon itself. However, it'll also require battling the dragon's minions on the floating ground, so players without gliding or griffon can still participate by defending on the ground. While grounded players will be moving around the map and defending various points on the ground against minions, players with gliding and griffon must fight the dragon directly. The dragon itself will be flying at all times, never landing, unlike Tequatl. The goal is for players to skillfully use their aerial movements to land on an actual flying dragon, so they can fight it. Unlike WoW's Deathwing fight where the dragon is just a background, here, players will need to manually fly onto the flying dragon’s back, then actually fight on a giant dragon as it flies around the map in real time.

At several points, the dragon will swoop below a platform or a bridge connecting the platforms. Players will need to jump off the platform and land on the dragon's back in order to attack the dragon directly. Any players who miss the jump will have to use updraft to get back on the floating ground and help defend against minions on the ground until the next time the dragon swoops below a platform. In the air, the dragon will tilt left and right occasionally to drop the players and players will have to move around not to fall off the dragon (kind of like in Shadow of the Colossus but simpler). At some point, the dragon flips upside down and all players will fall down, forcing players to glide down back on to land.

After a couple of these, the dragon boss gets smart and no longer glides under floating platforms. At this point, launching pads will become available and the players must use launching pads to get extremely high up in the air, then players must use the griffon to fly onto the dragon boss' back, all the while the dragon itself is flying around. Griffon with Aerial Prowess mastery is the best option for swooping down and slamming down onto the dragon's back. Another option, though slower and harder, is to simply use the glider and fall to try to land on the dragon's back. The dragon flies faster than the griffon, so it’s not as simple as flying on to a rock. The key here is that players need to pay attention to the dragon's flying route, anticipate proper timing, and be skilled enough at flying their griffon to land on the back of a flying dragon.

Please create something like this Anet. Having aerial based movement and not using them for aerial based maps and epic battles is such a waste.

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Yet players ask for aerial combat and often NEVER even bother with under water combat. Any form of combat using all 3 axis is iffy , water combat isn't the best and Guildwars has some of the best UW combat around which is sad really. So before they go about adding aerial combat (which I would enjoy) they need to smooth out the games water combat first.

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