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[NA][PvX][CD] [SVGN] Paradox of the Arcane Sovereigns. LF New/Vet Raiders and Officers


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Paradox of the Arcane Sovereigns is a semi hardcore 18+ lewd guild looking for active and dedicated members that want to grow with us, both as a community and in their game skills. We welcome New, Returning and Vet players that wants to get into end game contents and wish to help you learn at your own pace, and include you in the activities and companionship of our flourishing community.

Our Primary focus are Raid/WvW /Fractal:

  • Fractals - Daily T4s/CMs,

  • WvW Havoc/Roaming/Training (We're a Crystal Desert focused guild)

  • Raid Training - New and Vets players welcomed Learn the mechanics and your class in a friendly, educative, productive atmosphere. No elitism allowed here!

We use Discord for voice and text. Joining Discord is required ( Mic not necessary).


We currently have 1 full static and are looking to make another. Our static raid times are Sunday,Tuesdays, Wednesdays at 8pm CT/9pm ESTOpen Raid on Saturdays(Sometimes we raid Mondays/Thursdays)We want members that can commit to our static schedules and are determined in doing raids. We allow members to learn the raid mechanics in a no- pressure NON- ELITIST zone. Our major requirements for raiders is that they are properly gear for their classNew/Vet players are welcomed. We allow members to play Multi-Role depending on the groups comp.


We do daily T4s EXACTLY at reset for 1 hour then we go into raids. We have 1 full party and would like to make a few more so all members can get a piece of the T4 cake.Only require you have full AR (150)

WvW (Crystal Desert)We are forming up our guild havoc/roaming unit for our home server. We will train members in small team fights as well as roaming, plus running with other guilds of Crystal Desert for Zerg play. We're entirely open to your personal build choices and theorycrafts.

Guild Positions

We are looking for dedicated Guild Officers to aid with recruiting and members management. We are laid back individuals who like random stuffs and make fun of it. WE DONT like trolls. We tend to get lewd but not to the extreme. If you also have or wish to be a Guild Commander for Raid/Fractal/WvW then we will give you the opportunity to get your feet wet

To join fill out small application through google doc. This application is just for admin purposes, to allow us to see how best we can help. Which can be seen by either:


Message in gameRojay.1726

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