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If you want us to be banner slaves then...


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...where is our healing banner, a real healing banner? It's the only slot that doesn't have a banner. One could argue that we provide regeneration and Banner of Tactics increases boon duration and healing power so that "need' or "desire" is fulfilled but is it really? The banner slave build could be viewed as incomplete without a true healing banner. Or maybe it's perfect the way it currently is. What are your thoughts?

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Well, if they made banner support skills #2 (furious rally/ compassionate banner/ whirlwind banner) and #3 (inspire) into shouts, the warrior could end up having quite a good healing output (while we are at it, maybe they could even make the effect of these skills worth the 1 second cast time). If the banner's passive effect could be kept while wielding the banner it would be both logic and awesome. If the banner's auto attack wasn't slow and cluncky as hell I'd even consider using it.

That said I've no complaint about the 4th skill sprint. (skill #5 could easily have a shorter cast time now, since combo are underexploited/not really needed after 6 years of powercreep, or/and have additionnal effects)

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