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You ever wonder why this game is no non-transparent?


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@TheDevice.2751 said:

@sephiroth.4217 said:I tell people just for jokes when the game starts that I'm a bronze or doing Placements....

Can't tell you how many people will quit the game there and then before it's even started.Can't tell you how many of them immediately wrote threads about match making here on the forums.Even more would just abuse me in map chat BEFORE the game timer has even run out to start the actual game.

Then... If people did stay, there's some players out there who don't like being in Plat or what ever and feeling like they're being carried by a placement player or carrying the placement player so they just leave mid game blaming match making, even if the score was 212-231.

This is what putting a number on people will do to them, people put all their self worth into that arbitrary number/rank....the game was much better when we had team queue and people played for mostly fun, or should I say, when there was an option to queue for fun.

So, you lied about your rank and people quit because they
to believe you since there is nothing to tell them otherwise. This wouldn't happen if people had their ranks shown.

And if people had thier ranks shown, it wouldnt stop what I described... If anything it would happen more as Im not in every single game.

Literally only if it were true that you were a bronze matched with plat or something similar. That's because this shouldn't happen. You're describing something that actually should not happen if this game is supposed to have proper matchmaking... which it might not.

You're just making a scenario that describes poor matchmaking and saying "see people don't like bad matchmaking".

Dude I aint gunna argue if the cup is half full or half empty... theres always 2 sides to a coin.

Your side of the coin would present more basis if we had a match maker that wasnt already throwing silvers in with plats.

While you may defend these players using yourself as a standard, you cant take accountability for everyone... Just to clarify as this is a salty section of the forums, that was a compliment.

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@whoknocks.4935 said:

@BlackBeard.2873 said:OMG, we have a GOLD player on our team...afk!


No. not bingo.
every competitive game already has this and there is no mass afking in those games because of somebody's rank. Why should GW2 want to hide it?

reason would be that it would prove how bad the matchmaking actually is. Why else would they hide it?

Because 90% of people playing pvp are toxic trash, many players afk immediately after losing the first mid fight at the very start of the game, imagine if those players see a bronze of silver player in their comp.It's full of silver/gold players who are pretty decent at the game and deserve the plat rank, but they cannot achieve it because of unbalance, and it's true the opposite as well, some bad players got a pretty lucky killstreak with a carrying team and they got to platinum and they thinks they are platinum skill level players.So showing rank would cause only anger against the lower rank player than you if you lose the match.

Spot on!

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