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LF for Guild[EU]


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HeyI am Looking for an active Guild.I have been playing Guild Wars since 4 Years now.I was in some Guilds from time to time but i leaved the guilds or was kicked due inactivity.Now i want to find another Guild and stay there now!i don't look for something specifici am happy as long as we do FractalsI am a Newbie when it comes around Raids! but i am willing to learn!i am from Germany and my english sucks sometimes but i hope you don't mind that.

About me (GW2 stuff) :

  • I play Druid
  • I Like the Raptor the most
  • My Favorite Meta event is Tarir ( i also love Dragon Stand)
  • Sometimes i do Ecto gambling and lose all my Money ( but then i have a reason to farm Gold again)
  • I like doing WvW when i want to build a Legy

About me ( Non Gw2 Stuff)Other Games i Play :

  • League of Legends ( the Salty stuff)
  • Destiny 2
  • Dark Souls
  • Monster Hunter World
  • DayZ

I am currently 20 and from GermanyLove Food and Footballi support the LGBT communityi am a Part of a League of Legends Community ( as a Mod but planing to leave the Modteam soon)

Feel free to Contact meDruid Name : Maticxesor Pleesher.6524

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