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Best soloq profession?


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Holosmith, spellbreaker and condimesmer is probably the easiest thing to "do your part easiest" with while remaining strong in alot of situations.

If you get a friend or wanna stick to a fellow player alot then definitely Firebrand or Scourge. Firebrand+Scourge (better lovestory than twilight) are probably the strongest combination for all-around gameplay by being both easy to play, durable and deals great AoE damage.

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whatever you find fun. I know I'm gonna be stuck in plat 3 as always this season cuz I'm not playing meta. my build is gs lb soulbeast and I win most 1v1s or can stall and can prevent caps, but I lose 1v1 to boonbeast cancer and my team fights aren't as good as holo. but I'd rather have that than play node hugging sustain bunker spam buildd like boonbeast.

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If you want to mash buttons and stuff dies but don't care about staying in plat: Power Reaper, Condi Mirage, Power Facerollosmith, Power Spellbreaker, Power Core Guard.

If you want to put some effort in and stay in Plat but aren't amazing: Power Facerollosmith, Paladin Boonbeast.

If you want to actually try and learn to play the class and be in Plat: Condi Mirage, Power Facerollosmith, Power Spellbreaker, Paladin Boonbeast.

Someone will say why did you omit mirage/spellbreaker from the "put some effort in" category. Mirage if you waste cool downs, dodges or just mess up at all in plat will have you eating dirt especially after the vigor and adventure runes nerf. Spellbreaker you need to hit FC and your burst skills and in plat people should be baiting your FC and burst skills. Facerollosmith and boonbeast you can mash random buttons with the right build and do a lot of damage or perform your role.

As you get higher you will learn a bit more but the build becomes much stronger too as both are extremely strong in the current meta against most classes and have a decent learning curve where you don't have to learn baiting people to still do well but obviously learning that will take you far.

Also Noha's advice of duo FB and Scourge is a great idea.

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I will probably play holo because it's a jack of all trades build, you are a good 1vs1 duelist, good at plus one and good at team fights, and if you are aware of an enemy trying to plus you, you can kite and make people waste some time onto you without dying, I play to win, but especially for fun.I don't have anyone to duo and try fb plus scourge, but that seems a pretty braindead duo, you just camp mid and the scourge spam mindlessly the condis, while the fb spam mindlessly heals and boons, that shit can easily get you to plat, but then if you soloq you will be owned and your overall skill as player would drop significantly because used to easy mode duo.

Today had a matchup against a duo fb scourge and our team had no support but with good rotations and map mechanics we won that game and those duo guys started raging in chat saying we were communicating in some way, impossible we were random soloqueuers... so yeah of course that duo works but I dont like fb and scourge too.

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