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[BUG] Great Sword #4 skill "bladetrail" disappears it almost never hits.


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Great Sword #4 skill "bladetrail" disappears; it almost never hits.This bug has been around since the game was released.For reference of this bug look at this video in the forum at time stamps 4:11 and 6:03

Fix this useless and buggy skill to the following:

  • Bladetrail now pulls your enemy towards you and reduce the damage by 30%OR
  • Just fix the bug and make the skill reliable and give it more speed.
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Bladetrail is super weird projectile. It interacts horribly with steep surfaces (same as Tremor).

I like idea of putting pull on Bladetrail. Damage decrease should be PvP/WvW only, though.Maybe even reduce range to 600 with no damage reduction and increase projectile velocity.

Another suggestion for BT would be changing it into something similar to Mirror Blade, one way greatsword throw that would pin down target. It would be single target and require targeting. Knockdown for e.g. 1 second. Increase base damage and modifier (for each game mode appropriately).

If not BT, Rush could get cc on hit, instead. Launch with very small value (so enemies won't get away from 130 melee range).I wish Rush had smoother execution at the end.

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As with most skills on warrior, a slight change in altitude or terrain absolutely kills it. I feel like it's gotten worse. I was clearing a camp in WvW earlier and my GS 4 just disappeared on even ground when I threw it at the Supervisor in my usual combo. They should really look at some of these. I think the Hammer F1 and GS4 are the worst though. Their hitboxes should simply extend a bit up and down and it would be fixed, dunno.

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Not to mention GS#5, it should somehow track your enemy, but half of the times it just hits in the air and you lose quite a lot of momentum because it place you in a different location where you didn't want to be (far from your enemy).If you use it to run only you see the skill doesn't do the greatsword slash animation, but if you charge your enemy and he moves slightly, half the times the skill slash the air because feels the impact of a player hitbox which is not there, so clunky.Bull's charge to some extent has the same problem.

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