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What's your favorite food @ your lvl of crafting exp?

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My level 25 character is a level 27 Novice Chef...the most interesting thing that I've crafted so far has been a loaf of bread. Now, the crafting system in this game is huge...I want to bypass the sucky/mediocre recipes and only craft the best stuff. The problem is that there are too many recipes to sort through...I want to cut through all the superfluous 'filler' content and go straight to the good stuff. What are some of your favorite recipes...please include the level, if you can remember it?

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There's no such thing as "the best" food. Food (and utility consumables) is situational, depending on what your build needs or what kind of buff is beneficial for the situation.

While leveling to 80, people mostly eat food (if they think of it) for the experience buff it gives. Once they have settled into the build(s) they want to play, they may choose food depending on which stats or effects they want to push, but you can easily see people carry different food (as well as different equipment sets) for different situations. +power food on a power build for dungeons, -condition duration for wvw, +vitality on a character that feels too squishy for a specific story boss, +magic find for fooling around in the open world and so on.

There are also food recipies with identical bonus but different duration, which make the comparison even more complicated. You are going into a raid fight that will easily take an hour or more and take up all of your concentration? You might want to invest in an expensive 2h food for the convenience. A short fractal where you know you'll want a different food once you're done? Choose a (hopefully) cheaper 30m duration dish with the same bonus.

That said, when leveling crafting, expect to have to do a lot of discovery during the later crafting levels (and produce a lot of food and ingredients that you won't all use up yourself). You might want to choose which recipes to craft/discover more on the base of which ingredients you have access to than the usefulness of the resulting food. While level 80 might look a long way away at 25, leveling in GW2 is linear in that each level (past 15) takes roughly as long as any other, so 79 to 80 isn't longer than 25 to 26. This leads to food (and equipment) getting outleveled fairly regularly and makes investing in larger stacks of dishes for the food value alone not very useful.

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Rasimir covered it pretty well, so I'm just going to say this: to get to the highest crafting levels and to producing the strongest foods, you naturally have to level up via crafting all sorts of junk first. You can't straight up jump to max-level crafting with 'bypassing all the sucky recipes'.

That being said though, this site has amazing guides to help you max your crafting levels as efficiently and cheaply as possible. If you follow the guide, Cooking 0-400 only costs a few gold and you will be done in 30 minutes or so. With cooking maxed you can craft everything, so you can then proceed to acquire any recipes you want and start making the good stuff.

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