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Midline Wells Replacement (WvW)

Mike Hawk.4835

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Background:The intent of this build is to replace the midline wells/reaper setup with a condi burst build, provide zerg support and have good of survive-ability and sustain. This build is played much closer to frontline than wells, hence needing more toughness and vitality to survive any direct hits by the opposing hammer train. I expect that this will also clear camps rather easily as well if you do want to roam with it.

Playstyle:Like I mentioned, you're going to be playing closer to fronline and/or flanking to nuke the enemy backline vs the standard midline playstyle of hiding behind your hammer train and droping bombs from a distance (and picking off out of position players). Ideally, you're present on initial engagement to drop your support skills (Favor and Cascade) and first condi bomb (Corruption, Breach, Pillar and Flare).

Use spectral armor for diving in on melee range with Scepter/Torch. Staff used normally for building up life force and ranged pirate ship meta.

There's a bunch of different combos and ways to play this, but that's the general idea.

Any discussion or input would be appreciated.

Build link:http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQNAW7fnE9CV9i10A22As9iFhBLKAUuGX6z186flqKkF6VA-jhyCQBU4gAEuFGoy+AFU9HAcBAQ2TA4e6GqoSqLqcplKBJFwiKrA-e

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