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Legendary armor for which weight class?


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Hi there fellas!

Im playing all professions and considering to make a legendary armorset for 1 of them.

I play EVERY gamemode and like being able to fill multiple roles everywere and ALSO like the LOOK of the armorsets except the medium one.

Now i mostly play fractals and WvW with Warrior or Necro and already got 1 set for each with zerker and viperstats.Ive only had "training runs" this far in raids and the LI is stacking up quickly, and mostly play it on condiscourge (where epidemic is good) or Bannerslave.I mostly roam with Thief/holo/mesmer/warrior and dont really need to switchout stats as much there.

Though i usually switch-up the professions i play every few months or so due to boredom its a mess to work around with all ascended fluff for all professions.

To keep it short;

In YOUR opinion, which weightclass got the most versitality/build diversity that can best make use of the free statswap from legendarys?

Guardian got plenty of build diversity, zerk, condi, heal and for roaming probably with some mix n matching with valkyrie etc. so about 4-5 sets needed.Warrior is kinda enough with zerker and viper. 2 sets.Revenant same as warrior, unless u wanna play niché healer. so max 3 sets.

Medium professions can all make use of zerker/viper, scrapper and drood can be healers though. so a 3 stat switches kinda "in total" needed for medium.

Necro can go power, viper and scourgesupport (very niché) and celestian scourge for WvW, so 4 in total.Mesmer got like.. power, viper, thrailblazer, commander, minstrel(unless it dissapears with runechange), so "about 5" in total.Elementalists is mostly power, marauder, some niché condi and avrage support. Alot of mix-matching though with anything outside of frac/raids..

Right of the bat i think light armor got the most "build diversity" and mix-matching and can make most use of the legendary armor. Next is heavy and last is medium.

Heavy really looks most visually satisfying with the armor, next light and last medium.

Now to your opinion, combine the LOOKS and who makes most USE of it between the weightclasses and help me decide </3

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I had a similar decision to make recently. In my case, I don't play Mesmer (light) and Ele (light) as much. But Necro (light) is one of my most played. I rarely play engi either. But I play alot of thief(medium) and ranger(medium). In the end I went with heavy armor because all 3 heavies (Guardian, Warrior and Revenant) have the most uses and diversity across all game modes (IMO). It was a hard decision mostly because Necro/Thief are my two longest played professions.

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i'd go with light, buuuut that's because about 50% of my playtime is spent on light armor classes of various builds. I suppose it would depend on how you like heavy buidls vs light builds- for ex, even if mesmer may have a massive variety of potential builds if you're only going to play one of them for a long time but may use guardian a lot then it might be better to get heavy. From how it sounds, light would be better to chase first because necro can make use of a whole bunch of stats but warrior doesn't really need that much.

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@sostronk.8167 @"Lexi.1398"thanks for your quick reply!

I really enjoy Necro alot aswell but since they are less than optimal in alot of content i generally just play a heavy profession to keep people happy.Mesmer is really something that comes and goes for me, sometimes its great fun and i long to log into my mesmer, othertimes its just "meh", same applies to elementalist.

Revenant really lacks "viable/meta" build diversity and so does Warrior(few working hard-set-in-stone builds). Im kind of inexperienced at playing guardian in endgame content but i generally find that base 12k hp to be quite lame. IF i find firebrand fun in a majority of content i think it might tip my decision towards making a heavy legendary set, if not ill probably go with Light armor...

What do you guys think of guardians in endgame content? Is it as fun as when you manage to get a slot as a scourge or is it as dull as a bannerslave?

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This is a very personal question as in everyone will have their own approach.

Things to consider:

  • do you have a "main" and is having this character equipped of importance to you?
  • economic viability, as in do you have characters which need to change builds and thus runes often?
  • how well are your established characters geared? Can you switch characters on demand or are you lacking full sets of gear?
  • which weight class has the most characters you enjoy and is this of significance to your decision?
  • finally, which aesthetic do you favor most?

Nobody here will be able to answer these questions for you. Here are my two top picks and the reasoning:

  • light armor for chronos/mirage/Mesmer simply due to leadership runes. You do not want to have to replace those or regrind them. Then again if you are joining as chrono you are likely going to remain chrono for the entire raid
  • heavy armor for warrior/berserker/spellbreaker because as bannerslave you should be changing between power and condi builds depending on boss. Legendary armor helps keeping cost low and visually it is the most appealing imo
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Personally I chose Heavy, because I usually am on my Warrior and switching between Viper for raids and Marauder for open world/wvw for free seemed the best way, since I already had a ton of tickets.

If you play Mesmer alone honestly I'd say go for the light, there's so many different builds on that class alone. That number only goes up for the other 2 classes.

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@Noha.3749 said:alright thanks alot fellas. think ill aim for getting the light armor allthough i prefer the looks of the heavy armor set UNLESS i really like my experience on firebrand. Thanks for your quick replies <3

If you have not selected your first ascended armor from collection 1, remember that it makes a lot of sense to get a different weight set with that armor (collection 1, not 2 which provides you with the precursors) then the final precursor/legendary.

While it will not look the same as the legendary armor, it is a nice set appearance wise and makes for a great way to supplement a missing set on a class you are not giving legendary armor to.

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@Noha.3749 said:@Cyninja.2954

oh man thanks alot for clearifying that.I thought that the set i recieve from the first collection was the precursor, but then its basically just a free ascended set and the precursor is recieved(a completely new set) after completing collection 2?


You get 2 full ascended sets. The second one is also the precursor.

More things about the 2nd set (precursor) :

  • do not put runes in which you want to keep. The only way to recover them is salvaging or upgrade extractors
  • do not Stat change the second set. Reforging a precursor changes its precursor properties and it becomes a normal ascended item
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