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How do I claim the Free "Special Gifts" from the Gem Store?

Jay Kay.5463

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In a recent Official Guild Wars 2 blog post it said that from November 22nd to 26th there would be some "Special Gifts" from the Gem Store (see below), with today being "One free Heroic Booster". I've visited the store, but have seen no such offer/gift. The Heroic Booster seems to be at regular price.

I have the base game, HoT and PoF, and I'm playing from Europe (if it's relevant)

From the forum post:

Visit the Gem Store this week to pick up some special gifts!November 22—One free Heroic BoosterNovember 23—Two free Black Lion StatuettesNovember 24—Five free Transmutation ChargesNovember 25—One free Revive OrbNovember 26—One free Black Lion Miniature Claim Ticket

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Arenanet are based just outside Seattle, Washington in the USA and they normally use their own time zone for most things (except the daily reset which is based on UTC/GMT), especially if it has to be started manually, like updates and festivals because then someone has to be in the office to do it and of course they don't want to be in work in the middle of the night.

For gem store updates, which presumably are fairly simple, it's usually between 9 and 10am PST, for new releases and other big updates it's later in the day, depending on how long it takes to do the update.

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