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Game freezing during The Sacrifice

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Server: Sanctum of Rall-Map/location: Makali Outpost-Character info(level, race, profession): Sylvari Soulbeast, level 80-How to reproduce issue: I don't know that it is reproducible, honestly. Nobody else seems to be having this problem. I've asked in map chat, on Reddit, in my guild, and on Twitter. People have had other problems with this story step, but not the one I'm having. I attached a screenshot of the freeze. It just stays like that until I close the game using CTRL+ALT+ESC.

The problem: In the story step The Sacrifice, I get the to the part where Rytlock is explaining how he knows Balthazar, and the game freezes. I think it's supposed to be a cinematic, because I don't have any skills or other UI. I've tried it 3 times, and it freezes every time. Please let me know if you need any more information to fix this issue. Thank you!

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