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@Spiritus.5186 said:2v2 tournament Hosted by Spiritus Domum [sD}

Prize pool of 200g.100g for first50g for second25g for 3rd15g for 4th5g for 5-6th

Time: 1st December 12:00 (noon) PST (NA)

Rules:No res skills or traitsNo Class StackingNo Soulbeast or Condi Mirage

Map: FoefireTime limit: 3 mins then Zerker amulet or equivalent must be used (no vital or toughness)Best of 3 wins

If this proves to be popular I will aim to make it a more regular thing just gauging out who would be interested.

Not even a 2v2 map?? Lol.

Also are you seriously banning an entire elite spec from playing? Jesus.Condi mirage isn't that strong in 2v2 so I don't see why you'd ban that. If you're actually gonna be banning stuff I suggest you ban menders amulet and paladins amulet. Soulboon cancer would be fine if it wasn't for sustain. BUT EVEN THEN .. boonbeast is a node bunker, not a 2v2 build. These bans won't solve anything unless you wanna ban all soulbeast builds.

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