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Mobs range increases when gliding


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Has anyone else noticed that a mob which can throw a hammer or fireball about 10m in normal combat can hit you are the distance of about 2 miles if you're gliding?It seems to be most irritating in zones from Bloodstone Fen onwards.Fair enough Mobs being able to have a swipe as you glide by, but the fireballs literally become heat-seeking missiles which follow you out of LOS and forever. Daggers too.

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Yes. It's really fun in Bloodstone Fen when you're gliding literally hundreds of feet up and you suddenly crash and burn, hit by something you don't even see. You'd think the gliding skill that turns you invisible would help. In fact you'd think it exists for that reason. Nope. Even if you glide invisible, they still hit you.

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@DanAlcedo.3281 said:Mob A: Look at this guy. I wish i could fly like that.

Mob B: I bet i can hit him with my Hammer.

Mob A: 10g you dont hit.

Mob B: „Throws Hammer and hits“

Player: „Sploooosh“

Mob B: My Gold please.

Mob A: Double or nothing that i can hit the next Guy with a Dagger.

Mob B: Deal!

We so need a GW2 version of Dark Legacy Comics for things like this

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