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Feedback: Official Path of Fire Feedback Thread

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@"bOTEB.1573" said:

@"Kitty.6219" said:A bit of a request (that I'm sure it as already said before):

Allow griffons to use updrafts!

Thanks for reading <3

and what would be the point of gliders ?

I think they could work together just fine, people aren't talking about "and what would be the point of jumping mushrooms?" just because we have Springer mounts now :3Also consider that a PoF only griffon wouldn't be able to ride the updrafts because those are HoT masteries.

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Loved the story, ADORED the maps and the music, LWS4 is also coming along fine. PoF was leaps and bounds better than HoT in my opinion and it was simply tear-inducing going back into what was my absolute favourite part of GW, Nightfall. Mounts are a godsend, too. Knocked it out of the park.

I have only one complaint. Not really PoF specific, but it applies more to PoF than other maps because I assume they were designed with mounts in mind.

Please stop putting invisible walls into clearly scalable and reachable areas. We are crafty in using the Griffon and Springer High Vault to get into areas even you thought unreachable. Just flatten the cliffs that lead to areas you envisioned as "off-limits". Add a tree. Make it higher and clear that we're not supposed to go there. Invisible walls are just lazy. The PoF maps are amazing and you can tell they were made with love and dedication, but hot damn those invisible walls scream "lazy".

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I love nearly everything about PoF, but the ridiculous aggro range of enemies single-handedly ruins the game for me. No exaggeration. It is extremely disruptive constantly having enemies outside my screen aggroing. I'm an open world player and I avoid PoF open world like the plague.

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Maps: interesting and fun to explore. Lots of nostalgia from GW1. There are some weird glitches where you can get sucked into the ground but that's it.

Bounties: I feel like bounties could be a lot better executed. There's too many of them and they aren't very appealing. As far as I can tell, the only bounties people do are the very easy ones for quick exp and the ones required for the Griffon mount. Bounties need serious rework, especially if you're going to require them for certain achievements. They are just not appealing.

Story: It started off pretty good and interesting but got progressively more boring as I started noticing the same patterns that were used in other stories. It's very predictable. Taimi was as annoying as ever but it's part of her personality so I don't mind it. The fight with Balthazar was probably the most fun part for me. The worst part and even game-breaking in some cases is playing the story with friends. What the heck is up with the random Ghost form during (I think it was) "Enemy of my Enemy" mission? The movement controls are horrible, the ghost form makes absolutely no sense and it's movement speed is slower than that of the Raptor mount hence making the ghosts speed boost skill useless. There were many other missions where the party members would take forms of strange creatures and objects where it made absolutely no sense what-so-ever. What's even worse is that in some missions, party members don't even have a downed state. They immediately enter dead state and cannot be resurrected. Horrible design. This led me to believe that the story was really designed to be solo content and not meant to be played with friends. This was even further confirmed when only the instance leader would get achievement unlocks.

Mounts: The mounts feel pretty good and the skills compliment them very well. My only issue with them is that it was quite difficult to get used to their clunky movement. They control like a vehicle. I would've much preferred if they would control the same as the player character.

Monsters: I'm happy that you brought Hydras back. I missed them since GW1 and always wondered why they were never added in GW2 since they are IMO the coolest creatures in GW1. I'm glad they're back and they're even scarier looking than I imagined. Most of the monsters seem pretty well done. The only thing wrong with them I would say is that their aggro range is far too large. If you go back to Tyria and then to PoF, you'll understand just how big the difference is in aggro range. It's a bit too much. It prevents us from using our mounts which is as far as I can tell the main attraction of PoF.

Overall I would give this expansion a 4/10.

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@MidnightO.8632 said:Can we PLEASE get some affordable gear from PoF? As a newish player getting gear (exotic at least) is a MASSIVE hassle. I'm talking condi gear especially. I would appreciate some way to get exotic with at least Viper/Sinister selectable stats (if you insist on hiding Griever stats) from vendors for map currency or some other predictable grind (as in NOT RNG) without having to grind crafting on 4 separate characters.

It's getting ridiculous, I'm essentially forced to play power builds because at least I can get zerker stuff from Dungeon/HoT zones. I was really hoping that PoF coming out would mean easier access to HoT stats, I was very disappointed when that was not the case.

Viper stats are Hot stats. You cant get marshall stats in HoT, cause theyre PoF stats, in the same regard.Try doing pvp, the reward tracks that give you armors. All chests have fully selectable stats, including viper. Wvw tracks do the same too.

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I love the mounts. It seems they've covered most all of the bases with the mobility and terrains of the PoF maps. Kudos on that. The only type of movement left wide open is full flight. I know the griffin mount flies, but, really, it's a glider.

There is room for full flight and aerial combat; isn't there?

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My only main complain would be maps design. Oasis spots, little towns are nice don't get me wrong, but I expected more looking at loading screens. Like the crystal oasis one, when I've seen it I was waiting for very huge egyptian temples and statues, maybe more pyramids and tombs too. The reality is, only sand/canyon on the majority of the map."I don't like sand." Kudo if you got the quote and the famous character coming with it.

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Highly enjoyable

  • maps, sights, ingame dialogue
  • mounts: gameplay & feel
  • story: scope & cinematics, lore

Moderately enjoyable

  • story: plot, flat evil villain Balthazar
  • masteries: could have been more inspired


  • bounties: not really interesting

No fun

  • constant aggro from trash mobs prevents you from enjoying the maps fully (a non-aggro mastery maybe?)
  • story: chaining of difficult boss fights & the lenght of storysteps make it less ideal for casual play
  • rewards: very lackluster compared to HoT

Missed opportunity

  • mounts: how you acquire and train them could have been tied in to a story that leads you to bond with your mount

(Exactly 100 words :))

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