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Feedback: Official Path of Fire Feedback Thread

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The negatives:

  • PoF becomes boring after getting all the mounts and get done with the story and the maps after like 2-3 times. (need stuff to do. bounties is mini-stuff) (aka after like 3 days there is nothing to do in PoF anymore)
  • STOP with these condi builds (the new elite specs). Figure out a way to change the builds from condi to dps or dps to condi.
  • talking to people should not dissmount the player. gets annoying.
  • get big World Bosses that are challenging
  • Really sick of condi builds with the new elite specs.
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Job well done:

  1. huge, detailed maps with breath-taking views (e.g. Riddle of the Scourge);
  2. quality and length of story;
  3. every mount feels unique;
  4. graphics improvement;
  5. animations of new elite specialisations;
  6. background music and sound effects.

Needs improvement:

  1. bounty mechanics are rather limited and zergs are able to get by with autoattack;
  2. the DPS of some elite specialisations are lacking and this discourages players from playing them;
  3. difficulty with controlling the rotation of the raptor mount;
  4. swapping mounts on-the-go without dismounting and mounting.
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Just writing what i don't enjoy:

  • Elite Spec imbalances are huge
  • lack of event chains (outposts, pylons), and meta events
  • Rewards for (the few meta) events are extremely poor, people do not do them.
  • Collections are very easy (and short)
  • Bounties cost too much waypoint silver... (take bounty, kill bounty, wp back, take new bounty), and are also pretty unrewarding.
  • karma use items
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Keeping it short:

  • incredible maps, I wasn't an open world player but I LOVE them
  • mounts are insanely well done
  • story is more than great
  • slight lack of replayability, maybe add some optional meta events with good reward, but that might come with time anyway
  • cool skins, definitely an upgrade over HoT
  • elite specs are great so far (I'm always a bit hard on deciding what to play, didn't make it better :tongue: )

All in all: I never enjoyed exploring a lot - but now I definitely do!

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First of all, thank you Arena Net, you have made a tremendous expansion. Second of all, PoF is so big no feedback can fit the <100 word mark! I blame you Anet (jk, I love you all).Now the feedback; may contain spoilers so beware!

Story - Improved overall in comparison to HoT and Season 3. The dialogs are well executed, without too much cheesy retorts. It was good to see only a small number of Dragon's Watch members in the story, makes it easier to keep track and no one feels like dead weight.

Open World - A lot of diversity and uniqueness between the maps. This is how every future expansion map should be like! And yes, size does matter and PoF maps are just right. Also, aside from the raw content and beautiful landscapes, the amount of quality and detail that went into ambient dialogues and NPC interactions is astounding! The fact that the banners in Amnoon change depending on your choices made in the story some NPC dialogue changes as well. This is something I never expected to see in an MMO, but then again Guild Wars 2 is so much more than an MMO.

Mounts - Yes! Yes! and yes! Love them. Please let us name them since they truly are a separate entity with adorable personalities and not just a movement speed boost. As for the fifth mount... it is the best thing ever!

Rewards - Very well gated behind collections that are not grindy, they simply require you to complete open world content, not just to collect X amount of Y currency and buy them off a vendor. The best example of this are the new elite spec weapon collections. Also, thank you for the unidentified gear. They brought such a relief to Inventory Wars 2.

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for me everything in the expansion is good, maybe there is a lack of an "hard" world event something like tequatl or triple trouble when they was released but maps , story , mount are pretty good. imho the only problem with this expansion and even with hot is that arenanet have to find a way to add a new type of dungeons without the problem of the old ones but with the same deep story and cool enviroment.

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Great expansion with a proper entry price this time.As always good gameplay and the work done on the mounts is top notch.The story went completely overboard but i guess we are used to that by now. The third act felt a bit short and the scene after the final boss battle felt a bit weird.The release could have gone a bit more smoother - a lot of EU players couldnt even do the first story to get into PoF for a day or so.Also if you are going to make us do a heart in our personal story at least mark it done for the day.My biggest gripe so far is flax and linseed oil. Every single exotic gear recipe requires it. All of these new materials and you gate the skins behind one of the most ridiculous crafting recipes that requires 20 material with only one reliable source: gathering. Meanwhile in the same recipe milling stones are vendor trash with millions in stock.

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Like: mounts, collections which feels like epic quests (hidden mount). Overall a lot of small collections relating to lore & exploration. New maps are great.

Dislike: no meta-event. 1 or 2 would have been great. The Brand area in Vabbi would be perfect for a meta event: going into the brand protected by moving protective domes and culling the branded for example.Also dislike: balance is off, and the balance team were clearly shy with the new spec weapons, very few of those feels better than vanilla or HoT weapons.

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Maps and mounts are great. Story is good (for GW2). You dropped the ball with class balance though and that needs rectifying first thing. Everything needs a niche, in some game mode it can perform admirably at X thing. As a class that puts itself at risk and has to slot every utility to damage, Holosmith is an utter failure (as is Deadeye for the same reason). Please put some effort into either dismantling the support meta where 3 classes buff the other 2 by 200% damage, or hire someone who has a background in handling this sort of thing.

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I am a bit disappointed with the expansion. The maps have less replay value than HoT maps. So far I found nothing I would like to do dozens of times like the HoT meta events. The map art was very good though.The amount of achievement points you can earn in the expansion is a bit disappointing, estimated at 1168 at the moment (compared to 1700+ for the HoT release). So about 500 less for a content heavy vs feature heavy expansion? This is a bit of a joke to be honest. How are players ever supposed to reach 39k+ for the backpieces if a whole expansion gives less than 3% of the total required. An expansion should have at least 5000 AP worth of achievements. Either by quantity or by LS1 achievement point values.

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Love the maps and story, but could have done with a single map that has a meta that is able to progress by all players into an epic end fight. Not like HoT where it was every map, but more like Core where a small percentage of maps have a map meta (Straits of Devastation, Harathi Hinterlands). Just 1 or 2 maps with a rolling meta next time would be fabulous.

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-I enjoyed the story a great deal. Was immersive.-Mounts were more fun than expected. Control well and feel natural.-Hidden Mount quest is great.-Map design is much better than HoT. Masteries no longer locked behind Adventures. Experience in PoF is like core GW2 and good for wandering, exploring all the little details. Visual and gameplay design of new enemies good but bounty targets need clearer tells/warnings for their attacks). Distribution/Density of enemies is also good-I like the new Unidentified Items drops.Consume All options.-Smooth framerate.Please keep doing what you do.

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Maps and Story are amazing. I find the majority of the new elite specializations interesting and more polished than HoT elite specs (with one or two exceptions).I like that the maps aren't bound to massive map Meta events like in HoT but rather separate meta event chains like in Orr. There could have been a World Boss like Shatterer's big brother though. I love all the Mounts.

Mirage is a catastrophe for me. It feels unfinished, contradictory and weak (survivability is good I guess) and kinda pushed me away from my main class in PvE.

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In 100 Words? Oh boy.

Pro:Mounts are amazing! Animation, skillset, everything. Awesome!

New skills are nice, new things to learn! Always good.

Hero Points are not gated behind stupid encounters like in all of HoT, very good!

Areas look amazing! Every single zone looks really good. (personally dislike Desolation)

Few but very fitting Renown events. Exploration seems to award more exp.

Con:Every trashmob and their mother love to dismount me.

World is cluttered with trash

Bounty-target areas cluttered with trash -> makes the actual bounty a pain for groups <10ppl

too few Waypoints

Tomb Mastery requires glitching -> hesitant to do it.

No single-player bounties (sometimes, I just want to murderate NPCs alone)

(edit) Renegade feels bad

Need more Words

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Quality and quantity of both story and maps improved incredibly. It is well crafted, fun and generally awesome.


  • Large detailed maps with many small things to explore.
  • Great story (huge improvement over HoT which felt rushed)
  • Bounties (Gameplay): Just awesome.
  • Mounts: Just wow. Animation, Movement, everything.
  • Not every skin has a collection (Mordant etc).
  • No Meta (rewards don't require meta)


  • Vlast Death (The only story disappointment, although I understand why)
  • Little/No end game rewards (afaik)... Yes, HoT was too grindy, but there is no Aura or Legendary. No long term bounty rewards (Whyyyyyy). etc...
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Story: One of the best arcs thus far, especially with a smaller core cast. Starts out strong. Peters out towards Act III. Overall enjoyable.

Mounts: Everything I expected with some nice surprises. Very polished. Helps revitalize core maps and alt leveling.

Map: Gorgeous! Greatly preferred the setup compared to solely meta-driven HoT ones, BUT it'd be nice to see a few more meta-events included to address different player styles.

Elite Specs: More balance between specs + further differentiation from each other/base builds in some cases (ex. Renegade vs. base condi rev, staff still meta for Weaver).

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Maps - amazing. Best exploration yet.

Story - quite good and the final instances were some of the most fun I've had. This was by far the best story you guys have done. It's nice having a villain whi isn't just a force of nature.

Mounts - shockingly fun. I can't imagine playing the game without them now.

Music - beautiful. I love the race music the most.

Replay Value - I wish there were a couple map metas like HoT. Bounties are alright.

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The expansion is fantastic. It did almost everything right, and GW2 has never felt more immersive, which is something it's been lacking since launch. I give it a 10/10 for quality of the the content it does have.

However, I have to call out the disappointment of not getting any new weapon types or dungeons, when the game really, really needs to have some at this point. In particular, this was the perfect opportunity to have spears/polearms on land, and it kind of blows my mind that it wasn't done.

Lastly, Revenants still feel incomplete and unpolished from their release last expansion and really need to get some core fixes. This is largely why the Renegade was rated so poorly compared to other elites. It's a concept problem with the design of the core class. I'd remove weapon swap and give them a 5th "legend" comprising generalized mist-themed skills that they always have access to in addition to the two chosen legends, which would be used to create better synergy between their other legend lines and their weapons.

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Overall my initial experience is far better than the original HoT one. Event scaling is much more manageable and I can solo some stuff, that's nice. I like the new maps and I like mounts. Some NPCs are difficult, some aren't, it's fine the way it is. Three concerns:

1 - no new dungeons!

2 - griefing is a thing with the crazy aggro range of NPCs on all the new maps. People now pull crap into other player's aoes to steal events objectives or just to annoy them.

3 - small thing, but treasure maps take way too long to use and it's more profitable to do something else instead.

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from a returning player:


  • mounts feel great, even though turning on small platforms can be a chore; I don't mind so much... can't imagine I can turn a horse on a kitchentable. Maybe don't let me fall off a cliff when I dismount.
  • metroidvania-aspects because of the mounts are awesome, much more please. Having some Mastery Points only available later in the game is a decent idea.
  • the story really got much more interesting. Loved those connections to the earlier parts of the lore / living story.


  • menus feel really overwhelming. Collections are a wonderful addition to the game, but it's so hard to navigate through them.
  • items which aren't used/useful anymore should be turned grey.
  • tons of gear in the bank which I can't use because it's soulbound to another character. It gets worse with each new release. Possible solution: add wardrobe-bagslots which can be slotted with bags that have to be opened manually (a button in the open bag) and don't show when opening the bag.
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Entirely awesome. The part where you become a ghost and make it back alive made me think of Pagan Ultima VIII where you become a god at the end. Would have been cool to come back as a god, seeing that you essentially cheated death.

Elite FB specs: I will say that I felt the Mantras to be pointless overall, and cannot be used from any sort of range besides hugging your enemy, and the damage and or support is negligible.My 10c worth

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