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Celestial Runes & Food Iconsistency

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Superior Rune of Leadership do not grant concentration or expertise when they said "+ all stats" while foods like Dragon Revelry Starcake or Red Lentil Flatbread Feast do grant conc/expertise while saying "+ all stats"

Could we please get the missing stats on the leadership runes? I would imagine the other runes giving all stats like Zephyrite/Divinity also have this bug but I cannot check this instant, i'll update and edit later once i know

Edit* Zephyrite runes do not give exp or conc.

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"All stats" is referring to the original stats in the game, not "all possible stats that will ever be added." ANet should update the text to read "adds X to seven core stats" (or something like that — they probably haven't because it's hard to come up with unambiguous wording that doesn't take up the whole screen on the foods).

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@Comprissent.3856 said:Then why do the foods that say +all stats give concentration and expertise then?

Probably because things have changed over the years. ANet doesn't always go back to retrofit older items to fit the newer changes.

I'm just asking for them to be consistent one way or the otherWelcome to GW2 (and pretty much any other MMO). ANet Consistency™ is a meme you'll see often. I've stopped keeping track of the inconsistencies in the game; it's just too exhausting.

I'm not saying you shouldn't ask for consistency (I still do for some things). I am saying we can't be sure where the inconsistency lies nor how important it might be to fix. Maybe no celestial foods should grant expertise; maybe all should. Maybe it should be some and the description should change to make it more clear.

In the short run, it takes months for ANet to adjust things like that (they have to ask these questions, decide on the answer, decide how to implement it, and get the changes translated into five languages). So regardless, we'll still need to manually keep track for 5-12 months even if they agreed today this was a problem.

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