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[BUG] Report - Botting doesnt work


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It appear that this function is broken, for last week i've been reporting botters, and they are still there farming 24/7.or maybe anet has unofficial policy to not care about botters?would be nice if anet made page with reported bot cases and resolutions on them

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@FOE.2041 said:not really serious approach,It turns out it's a better approach than actioning accounts one at a time. It makes it more difficult for people to know how they are getting caught. And it's somewhat more efficient, from a resource allocation perspective.

everyday each of those bots farm around 100-150 gold ~5$ worth of gems5 gold per hour for 24 hours? You'll have to explain how you came to that conclusion.

it takes about 5 mins to watch them and see they are on full macro using all skills on cdIt's not up to us to decide.

By all means report. If you don't feel that the in-game tool is conveying the situation, then file a support ticket. You can include dates, times, toon names, observed behavior, screenshots, ... anything you think will make it easy for ANet to draw the same conclusion you have done. The thing is: they have to draw that conclusion before they can act; it doesn't matter how many of us say someone is botting.

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