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Are there and pvp Weaver guides out there?


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Hey guys so it seems to be pretty scarce for weaver pvp guides / gameplay videos from what i've seen. I know of metabattle, and godsofpvp, are there any good resources, even if a bit older that could be of some use to me? I'd really like videos with breakdowns of why they do stuff etc. The only person i found was cellofrog on youtube and I didn't enjoy / get much out of his videos and was wondering if there are any good videos on peoples streams or youtube i can look at?

thanks guys!

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Short answer.... No. Little bit longer answer. There are some older guides and streams by phantaram and seven that are fun to watch just because these guys are so talented at playing Ele that it’s entertaining to watch them play. But you’ll quickly learn that the reason that these guys (including Cellofrag) can make Ele “work” in PvP is due to their player skill NOT because of the build they’re using.

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