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DC During Instanced Story Chapters

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This has been going on for months. I go through these instanced marathons, then when for whatever reason i stop fighting to read what's behind an interactable item, or listen to NPC's yammer away, and boom, DC. It's happened in The Jungle Provides [once] (While talking with Tizlak after all the fighting is done); Prisoners of the Dragon [4 times] (while Eir and Faolain emote; Confessor's Stronghold [once] (while Canach and Caudecus talk); Dragon Vigil [once] after the fight while Marjory is talking; and now in PoF Night of Fires [once] (with 3 of 4 officers dead while reading the Burning Scroll on the right side of the main, highest, area of the camp).

My computer is: Intel Core i3-7100 CPU, Windows 10 64 bit; NVidia 1050 Ti, 16 GB DDR4. I have Comcast 200 MB download broadband. Two roommates both report story instance DC in similar circumstances. While this might suggest it's Comcast, I don't have connectivity issues with ESO. Sometimes, PSVue has a connectivity issue, but it only seems to happen, rarely, with streams of football games in Europe, while I am in California; or with TBS. We seem to have no issues with Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Youtube.

Four of the repeats in Prisoners of the Dragon were with the aforementioned two friends/roommates. Oddly, only one of us DC'd during each run-through. In the first three attempts, it was the instance owner who DC'd, leading to the other two being kicked anyway. Two of us managed to complete the step on the last try because the one who DC'd was not the instance owner. He was too fed up to try again.

If anyone has a clue, or can offer advice, I'd appreciate it. I'm reluctant to repeat lengthy story steps as I did with Prisoners of the Dragon. Sitting through them multiple times to be DC'd at or near the end is frustrating. This means the value of GW2 is less to me than it might be. Thanks, in advance.

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