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New voice acting in conquest - Feedback


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Would it be possible to get some of the community's feedback on the new voice acting in conquest ?

They recently changed the voice when capping a node on several maps.

For my part, I absolutly hate it to the point it triggers me every single time...i almost don't want to cap the node lol. It sounds like an old frustrated single woman surrounded by cats and hitting puberty at 70, that's how bad I find it.

Don't hesitate to voice your opinion in order to motivate anet to change it to something else, or back the way it was (because it was fine...).

PS: I'm actually going to edit this because I don't want this post to be misinterpretated by Arenanet staff. I watched a review video of the new voice annoucers in conquest saying how cool it was to have both female and male announcers. I 100% agree with that, it keeps it fresh. But my critic doesn't focus on that note but rather on the intonation used. At the moment, it doesn't depict at all the atmosphere in conquest but rather, in a posh way, "BeHoOoOld my new chinese porcelain cup of tea".

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@"mortrialus.3062" said:

Next time Troy Baker and Steve Blum are back in the voice acting booth, can we get their smooth, sexy voices announcing conquest maps? It's like 10 lines. I would pay gems for this.

Ooooh, I'd love Troy Baker! Plus he's hot, totaly my type of boyfriend! He'd make me cap anything !

Edit : and i'd like him say "you're so pretty" when i score a kill, "i love you" when i'm on a rampage, and " please marry me" when i pentakill <3

Edit 2: I'd pay 10k gems for that!

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oh myjust heard the female announcer voicethis is awful, really awful

i don't particularly mind a female announcer, but the tone and inflection doesn't fit at alli like the old one but if we have to have diversity i'd go for a female that sounds like an angry domineering bitch to announce my pvp thingsnot this leisurely old woman sounding one

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