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help choosing a proffesion

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long story short im looking to come back after a few years away, want to start a fresh alt to get to grips with everything (been playing wow private servers). could someone offer me some advise on possible starting races and proffesions in terms of their ease of getting to grips with. fyi ive always been attracted to range characters, but happy to leave my comfort zone and try melee if one is easy enough to pick up. thanks in advance

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The races are all same in terms of difficulty, their starter stories are different but will join up into same story after some time. Just pick one you like most (and eventually do Alts with different race to get these stories too).

I believe, necro and ranger are most user-friendly. There are some classes that are more desired in high level fractals and PvP but these require extra work. Also, you probably need both HoT and PoF expansions to play.

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