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What about all this meta build changes?


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I think in this past month I've seen 3 changes in the meta build for a condi mirage. Before we would use runes of renegade, that would give us more condition dmg, and with all gear and traits expertise we would reach 100% condition duration. Then now, they changed it for Elementalist runes, you get more power dmg, but you lose around 62 points from condi damage and earn 10% condition duration, that, in my opinion isnt needed unless we can, now, stack conditions over 100% duration.I used to use Berserker runes, that would still give me more power dmg than the actual elementalist runes build and more condi dmg than the actual elementalist rune build. I used to have good burst on my clones shatters.So, is it really an advantage for us to change our expensive runes, for these new meta ones? what do you guys think.

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