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Looking for Guild [NA][SoR][PvX]


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Hi, looking for an active guild that's currently recruiting. Started playing around July~August and almost level 70, I also have both expansions. Been playing alone since I started so please feel free to invite me!

Can contact me in game via Gale.9541. Or on Discord via Helix#2977

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Hello friend!! You a should definitely consider joining our guild we are accepting people in all shapes and sizes and I think you would be an amazing fit. We are a pretty laid back easy going guild with our main focus being PvE but we endeavor in PvP and WvW. We are Nocturnal so that’s when you will see the majority of us on. Untamable Force#8375 is my Discord user name just send me a message and I can give you more info! Hope to hear from you soon!

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