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Guild Wars 1 log in problems

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I could not found the official forum for guild wars 1.I already made ticket for almost 7 days and still no answer.My problem is that when i try to log in, keep saying that i didn't enter the right password, mail or character name. Error code 277Password and mail address are correct since if i type them wrong, it tells me that it wrong.Name of character i forgot about it but found him on hall of monuments when i wrote the name. Since i just make a level 1 to see how it the game in summer time and then never touch it until today.It there any way for me to fix this problem. The final solution in my part it to request a refund and buy it again.Thanks for the help and suggestions.

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Please verify these steps:https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010122294-Guild-Wars-Classic-Error-Codes (Error 227)

You may want to look at your screenshot folder Usually your "My Documents"\Guild Wars\Screens or directly in the games' installation folder: GuildWars\Screens to see if you may have a screenshot showing your character name.

If your e-mail is still working, you can get your password restored by using the reset password option. If nothing helps: Wait for support to help you. Be sure to keep your game CD keys handy. For retail games these were provided on credit card format in the CD/DVD box of the game. Support may need them to verify you as the owner of the account.

And indeed what @Illconceived Was Na.9781 already said: Linked GW1 to GW2 accounts use the Guild Wars 2 / ArenaNet accout password:If you can log into this forum and the Guild Wars 2 game, you should be able to use the same password for Guild Wars 1.

Check your account link status at the ArenaNet account site:https://account.arena.net

No longer need help?If you ever find a solution to your problem after submitting a ticket, you can always cancel and close your request by responding to your ticket with the following text in the body of the response:

"I no longer need help"

This will automatically update your ticket and let our agents know that you solved the problem on your own! It's as simple as that!

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I have same problem well my son. He do remember email and password (accounts are linked fr GW and GW2 so email and password is same) but he don't remember character name. He was not playing GW for few years now. We don't have cd key for GW it was not retail version it was version from GW in game shop far as I remember.

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