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Looking for social guild [EU]


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Hello everyone!I felt it was about time to find an active guild for me and my brother. We would like a guild that has an active discord channel, and preferably does a bit of everything.We are both mature at mid 20's of age and speak english perfectly well.I am a returning player after "ragequitting" during the Living Worlds Expansion after getting lost in Heart of Maguuma over and over, so my brother has come a lot further than me. We would like to be in the same guild however. He plays fractals tier 4 fractals and reached a very respectable PvP rank (don't know the exact one) whilst carrying randoms. I have not yet gotten a rank, but never lost a match.He mains necromancer and I main Warrior.

Please tell us about your guild and we will decide together. I appreciate your replies and wish you a good day!

PS: I am posting this without him knowing, so I will confer with him the offers we get and our reply may not come for a few days or so.

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