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New PvP Guild Recruiting Looking for pvp players of all types EOTD


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|Embracers of The Darkness is a new guild looking to recruit new and old players who enjoy playing PvP||Im looking to start a Casual and Ranked PvP guild recruiting all skill types and all pvp ranks||I also wanna get enough people to claim a guild hall to do PvP training in the GH Arena||EOTD Has a discord used by the guild https://discord.gg/hNypQ8k||My timezone is Pacific| Every Wednesday night at 3:30 we will be going over different pvp builds and be doing training||If your interested in joining comment or message/Mail me ingame at DiLlYbOb.8693 and i will respond as soon as possible||I am on the server Dragonbrand if anyone would like to make this guild a PvP and WvW guild|NOTE First few people that join and i gain there trust will get administrative ranks in the guild and the discord|Hope To See U In Game =) =) =) =)

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