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@The Storytelling Team(spoilers)


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Wow! I was blown the kitten away. The Path of Fire storyline had all the elements of the classic hero's journey. Even the death and rebirth initiation is there. This is true modern mythology. Someone there has a deep knowledge of mythology and/or Joseph Campbell. With all that, you were able to break it into bite sized episodes without losing the thread. Straight up awesome. I hope you end up reading this.

Now a little nit to pick. Rytlock made essentially the same mistake Kormir did. She read The Apochrypha, freeing Abaddon. He unchained Balthazar. Yet, this idea is never mentioned. An important story element was lost there.

The discussion between Kormir and Lady Kasmeer was flubbed. It tried to more-or-less convey the same message we got from The Avatar of Lyssa near the end of the Nightfall story line. It just wasn't expressed smoothly and felt confused.

Overall though, Awesome!. It's the story that keeps me coming back.

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