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Replayable/remastered living world 1 to fix the big hole in the playable story.Underwater mount.More usable underwater skills.More usable underwater weapons.Race skills reworked as F6,F7,F8,F9 abilities in PvE.More mount race courses in older maps, HoT and living world maps included.Polymock!Minipet battles or minigame.

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A boob slider. Not everyone wants big honking bitties.

More hairstyles, better eye colours and


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Unicorn mount skinRemoval of all particle glowy effects from skills weapons items and areas make sun go awayRemove idle animations along with dance and talk since its uneccesery animations serving no actual practical reason in game.Make all classes use animation with same weapons.Make.staff projectiles more non glowy make it to a solid object like no lightning or fire.Remove special animations and effects permamently from legenderies let it just be a weapon with qol functions.Nerf hot areas to be soloable and easyAdd a solo mode for open world pve

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My top 3.

1) Remove all bright camera flashes from skills.

I want to play Holosmith, but can’t since all the flashes hurt my eyes. Bright flashes cause eye fatigue, pain, and are unhealthy. Worst case, they an cause seizures. This really needs to be a priority, but unfortunately, Anet doesn’t give a kitten.

In a large group, they also reduce visibility. Doing bounties in PoF is so mindless and boring since you can’t see what the enemy’s going to do. Mindless skill spam with no thought of reacting to what the enemy is doing is terrible design. Might as well give us a bounty where players beat a punching bag and at random times, players can just die for no reason.

2) Make PoF zones more attractive.

Reduce enemy aggro range in PoF from 900 to 600 (just like core and HoT). I try to mount and an enemy group aggroes from far away. I dispatch the aggroed enemies, then just before I can mount, another group of enemies aggro. I then dispatch that, and before I can mount, yet ANOTHER group of enemies aggro. This really makes me HATE being in PoF zones.

Also, add more interesting events and rewards to draw players to PoF zones.

3) Build templates would be nice. Even a basic one that just changes traits and utility skills bar.

EDIT: I’m too lazy to make a long list, but I agree with so many things people have posted, both before and after this post. So many excellent lists. There are so many things I wish Anet adds, but the above 3 are probably my highest priority.

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Option to turn off idle animations on my character (does not affect other players).Option to hide my weapons out of combat (does not affect other players).Option to hide other people's skill effects (most if not all MMOs have this).UI customization (hide/move elements).New Gem Store armor sets at higher price than Outfits.

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A return to armor sets offered in the gem store and releasing new armor sets often (alongside outfit releases for those that like those)

Offer variations of the many existing armor sets which can be acquired via gameplay that have the excessive and out of place 'flair' elements removed that often ruin many armor pieces

Update vanilla release armor sets to possess better quality textures and shaders

A new playable species (preferably Tengu, maybe Kodan, Largos or Skritt too) offered via LS releases or expansion

More character customization options for all playable species (horns, tattoos and the many other features requested over the years)

Reduced density, aggro range, leash range and respawn rate of enemies in PoF maps

Legendary weapon effects (footfall/arm effects) bound to the weapon item itself and not the skin so I can use other skins on the weapon and keep the legendary effect (I'd love to have Frostfang footfall effects, but use the skin of its precursor)

Address the red lighting/red texture bleeding on mounts and the many, many ruined armor pieces (especially apparent on many gem store and cultural armors in addition to normal 'junk' armor skins)

Ability to hide backpacks and legendaries worn on other players

Slider to reduce or completely hide skill and weapon particle effects of other players and myself separately

Character select screen overhaul (many desires and mock-ups offered around the forums and reddit)

Dungeons made to scale based on number of members in party (allow for solo/duo dungeons)

Offer more normal pants for light armor classes

Offer more non-trenchcoat/non-buttcape/non-crotchflap chest armor styles for medium armor

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build templates ( I like this template can also safe looks/ for example i own a legendary armor and i wear the bladed armor for an high dps build and i switch to a defensive build i like my armor look changes to the glorious armor ...without I pay transmutation charges ofc same goes for weapon skins)

a better inventory and bank system able to name bank slots and color thema VIP Lounge Tome as the living story onemore shared inventory slotsA way to turn down those flashy flash effects in big combats i like to see the thing i am hittingmore character design options (Idle stands Hero/ Criminal/ demon/ cute/ shy/ energetic/ sleepy/aggressive/ relaxed/ exploring/ sexy)more hair styles some super long hairways to color my eyes in 2 different colors left eye blue right eye is pink for example same for hairGlowing in the dark eyes/ Black on the outside eye ( BLEACH ANIME STYLE EYES or Naruto with many patterns/Spiral)

short cut buttons for emicon animations

mystic forge batchan easier way to find mystic forge recipes without leaving the gamegearing up ur character is way to hard in this game and time consuming get rid of time gated crafting

Weapon Armorylet us put all our weapons into an armory not in our inventorysigils and runes going into the armory as well change the system to we learn a sigil and runes so we can put them on any time, for a cost for non legendary if u feel u need...

make minis faster to follow us

let us change pvp builds outside of pvp

give moving speed buff to the VIP lounge Lily of Elona

give people more ways to obtain rare crafting materials like Silver doubloons

open world duel

let us color skill effects open world and pve only

increase the effect use time of that Quicksilver tonic we get from the juggernaut collection

if u cant give people the option to dye backpacks sell every backpack in at least 8 different colors win win

last I want sayI kinda sad that anet went away from the idea that gearing up is easy in gw2, it takes a lot fun away not to play any build u like without grinding for a months (normal gaming time not ur hardcore i can get all stuff in 1 day people)

I hope u reconsider focus on let people play the game and not grind armors and weapon stats, A solution would be to make legendary armor cheaper to obtain half the price! perfectly balanced as all things should be.


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More time to play and a good computer to play on.

But as for the game:

  1. Build templates (like GW1, client-side for skills/traits. Maybe as a per-character gemstore thing for equipment sets, but with the ability to specify a build template along with the equipment set)
  2. Rework to the achievements tab to make it more usable. Initially it was a little side thing that gave you the occasional chest for random tasks or challenges, but now it's a key dispenser of rewards and tracks a number of "quests" and so on, and the number of categories is vastly larger than it used to be. Whatever rework happens, it would be nice if the questy-part of the achievements tab also becomes an unlimited dispenser of story gizmos that we might like to have as souvenirs, but not as inventory cloggers (e.g. Tassi's Relay Golem). It would also be nice if a tooltip could show us, at a glance, how many AP, titles, mastery points, and rewards remained to be unlocked under each category.
  3. Probably as part of the same rework, add a codex to the hero pane (like the library option people want, but accessible anywhere) that can contain and enable characters to read all the various book items, as well as old school books like the ones found around DR and ebonhawke, and so on.
  4. Add the second weapon set and weapon button for Ele and Engi, but only enable swapping OOC.
  5. Improved platforming. On the one hand, I appreciate that GW2 has JPs. On the other hand, they suck because the platforming mechanics in GW2 suck. Whether it's slight jankiness to movements, camera angles, legibility of terrain, or whatever, it has a tendency toward frustrating and annoying that has nothing to do with personal failure to master the mechanics. Seeing how well they've done with mounts, I know they have the chops to pull it off at the systemic level (but not necessarily at the reworking old content level). But at least with new content, it could be improved.
  6. Combo overhaul of some sort.
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Build Templates! Top of the list for obvious reasons.

"Repeat" option for mystic forge recipes, why do we have to put all 4 components in again and again?

A way to save our own outfits (mix-max armor items) to be used on other characters, or to just easily swap between them on one character. It's really a pain to swap between our own sets as we have to apply each skin individually.

Add an option to disable miniatures, back items and legendary weapons of other players if I set character detail on low. I don't get why armor is replaced by basic default textures but those other items remain untouched.

Reduce visual clutter by showing skills and abilities only of my character but not of others around me.

Add Beetle races as guild mission races, some more guild missions in general will be good.

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More new hairstyles, faces, and customization options in general (glow/pattern colors for sylvari, tattoos for norn, fur colors/patterns and horns for charr, more beards for male humans and norn, etc.)

An option to turn down or off flashy particle effects. All of them. Holosmith is beautiful, but I can't see what I'm doing. Why does shooting people with completely normal arrows generate giant flashes of light? Why does whacking people with a stick make it look like I've strapped gunpowder to said stick (more flashes of light)? It also makes playing with post-processing turned on the worst eye-searing nightmare in my life...which is sad, because this game is gorgeous. I just want to enjoy it without flashing lights from my skills, from other players' skills, and from enemies' skills...and, preferably, without flashing environment effects, as well.

More armor skins! :D Fashion Wars is the true endgame.

More variation in armor skins: light armor that looks armored, medium armor that looks soft and wispy (or heavily armored), heavy armor that doesn't have plate mail all over it. Basically, if we can't actually wear light armor when we play heavy armor classes (for instance), then give us armor that looks like other armor weights.

Updated textures for some vanilla armor skins. For example, the medium Twilight Arbor coat is lovely...but the broad leaves that make up a large part of the coat look hideous with their pixellated textures.

A part of the story that acknowledges the Commander's mental state. There's no way they're okay after all the crap they've gone through. At this point, they've got to be on the verge of a breakdown or something...

Build templates. Wardrobe templates. Why not? :)

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@Batel.9206 said:

  • A part of the story that acknowledges the Commander's mental state. There's no way they're okay after all the kitten they've gone through. At this point, they've got to be on the verge of a breakdown or something...

I've never been willing to complete the side story with the anomaly visions because of this -- seeing random hallucinations should be just the tip of the iceberg for the commander's mental damage.

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@perilisk.1874 said:

@"Batel.9206" said:
  • A part of the story that acknowledges the Commander's mental state. There's no way they're okay after
    the kitten they've gone through. At this point, they've got to be on the verge of a breakdown or something...

I've never been willing to complete the side story with the anomaly visions because of this -- seeing random hallucinations should be just the tip of the iceberg for the commander's mental damage.

I feel bad for completing it now. I stumbled onto it when I wasn't even halfway done with the personal story...seeing anomaly visions popping up everywhere, even in cutscenes, was annoying. So I completed the side story just to make the darn things go away. Kind of wish I hadn't, and that I'd been able to experience it in Season Three as it was "meant" to be experienced, but...oh well, what's done is done now. :(

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My Wish-List


  • I want to see dungeons fixed. I want the bugs to be worked out, I want to see vendors outside of the dungeons so I don't need to keep running to LA every time I finish a path, I want drops and rewards to be better for example chance like fractals to have ascended drops. Though I want dungeons to be unique so fractals has a chance to drop a lot of ascended rings I want dungeons to have a better chance of dropping exclusive ascended backpacks or weapons. I want dungeons to be a thing again.

    • On top of this, I want to see new dungeons. I want to see dungeons placed in each of the races home cities and have interesting lore opened up for us to see about the construction and secrets of said home areas. Also I want armor for new dungeons to be improved because I am not a fan of the old skins that have been released. Medium and Light armor seem to get screwed when it comes down to design elements when they could have so many cool options.


    • We see the map and it seems small. I want them to bring the map out a lot and we get to see more of Tyria because we only have a small view of the continent it seems. I am not talking about adding new areas to the game, just make there to be more undiscovered areas to the map by making it bigger. The area looks small and if we had a bigger picture of Tyria that would be awesome. It would also allow DEVS to get more areas to mess with and move around in with the future expansions of the game.


    • I know the community mentions this a lot, but I would love to see new races. Personally for me, I would LOVE to see a brand new race and brand new continent. The race I would love added into the game would be a Dragon-born like race. The entire social implications would be amazing. A race of humanoid like dragons would cause serious issues because for starters people would not trust them. Tyria has been hit hard by the dragons hunger and a race that reminds them of this would be interesting and it would not be too far off since we have similar races such as the forgotten, krait, and many others who sort of resemble dragons already. If we could get a serious Dragon-born race and area then that would be fun to mess with. Also elite skills for the race could be some sort of dragon breathe which is related to the dragon type you chose at class selection could be similar to how ELE is set up with FIRE, WATER, EARTH, and WIND/ELECTRICITY. This would just be incredibly entertaining in terms of lore.


    • There isn't too much of a complaint about more hairstyles on this end, but I do want to see more colors. There isn't a good lime green or royal purple color I like for a human toon and I have to change colors because there isn't one well suited for fashion wars. If you could have your dyes in game for armor be used as unlocks for hairstyles that would be awesome.
      • More options for dancing, I would love to have a dance off with friends or change up stuff. I know you can buy stuff off the gem-store, but its not worth buying. Especially if my friends won't have it. It's the small details that make the game fun I suppose.
      • LEGENDARY FOR LONGBOW PLEASE...kudzu just sucks and I font want dumb flowers following me as I roam.
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