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Deadeye Flaws


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1) While using rifle, Deadeye has an inability to automatically turn and auto attack on a dime, apart from Kneel being able to auto target, and re position it's self. Shortbow, P/D, P/P all have the ability to auto target and start attacking the enemy if our back is turned away from an enemy. With rifle you get a "No line of sight" prompt. This makes playing rifle very clunky.

2) Our DE Trait "One in the Chamber" is not working as intended with the "Mercy" utility, and if this is working as intended, remove or edit the tool tip on the utility to reduce confusion. --- This is an after thought: If they did edit Mercy's cantrip classification , than that would make improvisation less desirable.

3)Mark is still pretty slow to cast

4) Kneel Animation lock is still a nuisance

5)Kneel Skill UI needs to change color, or have a bigger indicator to let us know when we are in a kneeling animation

Feel free to add anything else people.... I had other gripes, and annoyances on another thread i created,but that was on the old forums. So I wont carry that on to here.

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