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"Best" is a rather broad term that I can't really answer, and since you also wanted "quickest," here's my suggestion.

  • Gain access to Living World Season 3, specifically the chapters A Crack in the Ice, Rising Flames, Flashpoint, and One Path Ends, you can buy a full set of Ascended trinkets using Unbound Magic, and the associated zone currency of each chapter's map.
  • Equip enough Agony Infusions to get to 43 Agony Resistance
  • Farm Fractal 40
  • Buy marks from the Trading Post and buy your Ascended Gear from BLING-9009 in the Mistlock Observatory.
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If you want a weapon and have a character that finished HoT story, doing the Caladbolg quest afterwards is by far the easiest way to get an Ascended weapon. Can easily be done in an evening and gives you the choice of Greatsword, Sword, Shield, Scepter or Dagger with your choice of stats, and to top it off you can reset the weapon and pick a different form later for some unbound magic.

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