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Looking for few others to run daily wvw roaming groups and competitive spvp. NA Discord 21+


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Looking for few others to run daily wvw roaming groups. We have 2-3 2 mainly though. Looking for about 4-5 more active people that run between 7 pm CST - whenever M-F. Discord a must and prefer older people 21+ seeing as both my buddy and I are in our 30's with kids and 8-5 jobs. Our game background is Dark Age of Camelot, Archeage, and Black Desert Online. We are also looking to get a competitive spvp team going once we get team composition down. We are central and mountain time zones and play pretty late. We also play other games pubg, Poe, and the new fortnite pubg thing. So we're looking for like-minded people to join us. Husband and wife gamers tend to work the best. Were looking for long term gamer buddies to go to other games with when they come out. We aren't hardcore but we like to win and have competitive team comps.


Discord: shadz#2477Steam: tekren

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