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New (modified) Hair style for Human Female


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Hi guys I know this isn't really important at all, but I am lowkey experiencing OCD, I don't normally play human but one of my main characters is a human female ranger, I think from the beginning, something about one of the premium unique hairstyles has upset or set me off and I know it's very relatable. Its the long straight hair with the little flower on the top right corner of the hair, I have no problems with the flower really but I think it isn't very necessary or pleasing to many players, I know players who like and don't like it. I think the flower takes away from the hair in my opinion. Since GW2 has many similar styles between other hairs... why not make a alternate/modified version of it, I feel like the GW2 team should add in the same hair style but without the flower, see the reason is I really like the hairstyle since its so similar to mine .....but making an assassin themed character is a bit hard lol, the flower doesn't fit the image. I really like this hair style so I hope the GW2 team can at least give it a go because I feel that it makes the hairstyle much more flexible without the flower Hopefully this didn't annoy anyone. I pray to the GW2 gods! Hear my prayer! It's the only modern good looking straight hair I can find!


Charr Males are the best :)

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