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Actually, cloaks are a type of cape, that cover the whole body, a la the cloak of invisibility from the Harry Potter movies, or even the Night Elven Wardens (both in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne expansion, and World of Warcraft). The closest things to a cloak that Guild Wars 2 has, are the medium armors, which look like trench coats.

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@Turkeyspit.3965 said:Given the level of clipping I've seen with the chest & leggings models already I the game, I shudder to think what cloaks would look like.

Joko backpiece banner and another PoF backpiece are very close to being cloaks. Same for Warbringer, which is a reason why I’m working on it. They did clip in gw1 yet it was used a lot.

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@starlinvf.1358 said:largely because if they did, none of the other back items would sell anywhere near as good.

I don't think they care which back items they sell as long as they sell them. Clearly they could make many variations of capes to sell just the same.

There are two things I do wonder about. First of all, do many people want capes? And secondly, perhaps there are some technical issues regarding the character models which might require a bigger job on the programming side. Perhaps that's not worth it to them to do.

So I don't know, but those are the two things I have to wonder about and the answer to either of those questions could answer this question. However, I do not necessarily expect to get these questions answered by ArenaNet.

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