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Sand Savant Ally Targeting Bug


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Hey all,

Anyone else noticed the very serious targeting bug with ally targeting Shade abilities and Sand Savant?

Here is the obvious intended behavior:

"You can summon only one shade at a time. This greater shade has reduced recharge. You affect more targets and influence a larger area with Shade skills.A greater shade counts as three shades for related traits.

Max target limit: Increased Targets: 2Recharge Reduced: 33%Radius Increased: 120"

This means that Shade skills used by the Necromancer should now be increased from 3 targets around self and 3 targets around Sh@des, to 5 targets around self and 5 targets within your Greater Sand Shade.

In actual use, how ever, if you are within the same radius as your shade, you will not affect all 10 allies in your Squad. If perfectly stacked, you will only hit 5 members, preferring your subgroup!

This can be slightly worked around by casting your shade to the side but within area, and moving out to the side opposite of the squad, or by splitting the squad evenly into two groups of 5 people with 5 standing in your shade and 5 positioned around yourself, covering all 10 with a barrier.

This appears to be a simple targeting bug in which your personal AOE and your Shade's AOE are erroneously targeting the "same" players with priority, but as a target can only be affected by a single shade skill, it can waste several targets worth of barrier.

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