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LFM For Static daily Fractals (EU)


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Hello ,I am from India, that doesnt mean only indians are welcome, any player from europe or asia can join if you are free to play on timings i mentioned below. and looking for 4 members to do daily fotm . Currently i have cps , dps(Tempest), druid(Magi) , Anyone who is tired of doing fractals with unknown people . Timings are 15:00 CEST to 21:00 CEST . If you are available and free to play from 3:00 am CEST you can join discord Soul reapers(SR) - https://discord.gg/q6cHMz or you can add me in discord Heretic#1935. Since i have discord on my mobile even i am working i can reply you immediately.Requirements :Have 2 classes with 150 ar in that one class should be cps or druid or chrono and other class can be any dps who can dish out dps.Should have atleast 50 unstable cosmic essence to which you can get it by doing 100 cm Shattered observatory fractal

If you meet the above requirements you will be taken into Fractal trial runs and check your performance . IF we get along very well we can try for raids too and then we will recruit 5 more people so we can have 2 static teams for fotm and 1 static team for raid but first priority is fractals.

Note:Play times : 3:00 pm CEST to 9:00pm CEST (15:00 to 21:00)Discord for squad or any doubts :https://discord.gg/q6cHMzIf above link expired you can add me in discord Heretic#1935

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