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Best PvE stat-line for Scourge?


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"Best" can have many different meanings. As there are many different builds for necro, scourge included.

But first thing I got to say here, is that scourge needs his vitality gear. With scourge's high, but fixed shade skill life force costs, upping the life force pool means more casts before you run outta juice. No point in super high damage build if you run outta gas halfway through fight. This is not so important for trash mob zergs, but when going 1v1 vs something bigger and badder it'll make all the difference.

Also as scourge does have around 21% condi duration+15% boon duration if he traits for it (sand savant needed here), he can be more liberal with taking condi gear without expertise in it.

All that being said as a scourge i'm definitely considering following gear stats for PvE:

  • Shaman - huge vitality, with decent condi damage and healing power - all 3 stats a scourge loves and needs - great life force pool, decent condi play and strong barriers.
  • Trailblazer - Pinch of vitality that viper lacks + pinch of toughness - scourge is not as tanky as core or reaper. He needs the extra defense.
  • Grieving - Strong set for someone who can bring his own condi duration to the table. But absolute lack of vitality can leave you really starving for life force and short on shade casts..
  • Seraph - this one is on the healy side with decent condi. But again 0 vitality, which is dangerous for scourge both in offense and defense.

Me myself - i would go Trailblazer - for tankyness vs mobs that won't melt in 10 seconds. Scourge is not exactly the definition of "attrition class" so gotta bring some of that to the table with stats.

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