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[PvE] Cult of Occult [KULT] New casual guild looking for officers and members!


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I have created a small, cozy, freakshow AHREM.. I mean guild, where new players can get a helping hand while veterans can test their skills as mentors. But don't worry, if you're a casual player looking for new friends, this is a place for you too! Our main game will be PvE, dungeons and fractals. We'll lvl up characters together, do map exploration, collections, HP trains and events. It will be a place for everyone. Race, gender, sexuality etc. doesn't matter. In this guild we will just be a bunch of weird creatures, all gathered and ready to enjoy the wonders of Guild Wars 2. The guild will be 18+ and as long as people are kind and doesn't try to offend, cursing and adult topics are completely alright. But I will not tolerate any harassment! Atm. we are 4 members (cozy right?) and the only requirements is that you are able to be online somewhere inbetween 6AM - 4PM (GMT) and that you join the discord. Help us build and shape a new community! Join the [KULT]!

For more info message InsertScreamHere#9473 on discord or pm InsertScreamHere.4293 in-game.

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