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The Enigma - Next Elite Specialization Idea (ANET)


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Hello Everyone and Arena Net,

I have come up with an idea for the next elite spec, that I hope you will find quite exciting as much as I have had creating it. I have invested most of my Guild Wars 2 time playing the Mesmer profession since 2012, and it is easily one of my favorite professions out of any MMORPG. Its elegant display of reality warping illusionary magic, to its rich history in the world of Tyria, I have much experience and knowledge on the Mesmer. Its lore is easily one of the best Ive ever come across within the Fantasy genre as a whole, and thats truly saying a lot! Arena Net has truly captured the look and feel of a true illusionary mage compared to any video game on the market. The combat mechanics may be difficult to understand for a new player but once understood and practiced, the individual begins to witness the power of the Mesmer. Sure it has it flaws as with any class in any MMO... but that is besides the point because the Mesmer is extremely fun to play and it has brought joy to me and many other players alike. So with that all mentioned, lets get into what this post is really about and thats the Elite Specialization I have created known as "The Enigma" .


  • Lore : Within The Mesmer Collective, there exist a group of four powerful Mesmers who are the leaders of the organization. The Mesmer Collective is known for keeping powerful Mesmer magic a secret, so who knows what powerful magic they may have. With the immediate threat approaching ( Next Expansion's Antagonists :o ) The Mesmer Collective must join in the upcoming chaos, as all the support is needed for the various races and precious life that live on Tyria. The four leaders have carefully planned how they can be of most use and have decided to provided their support by opening their Headquarters to those willing to learn the mysterious art of... The Enigma (The Gun Mage); one of the greatest kept secrets of The Mesmer Collective. The Enigma is a Mesmer who utilizes a new set of shatter spells and a Pistol in their mainhand as a magical medium to channel their Spells. This ability compliments those Enigmas who prefer using Dual Pistols as the offhand pistol amplifies the mainhand pistol, greatly increasing the users magical power through the arcane synergy between guns. The Enigma has also learned to harness their magic on a more physical elemental level, (a trait learned from studying the way an Elementalist channel magic). This has allowed the Enigma to harness the ability to cast Glyphs, and manipulate space much more physically than before.

~Abilities~New Shatter Spells:Mind Blast (Mind Wrack): Shatter your clones, and levitate briefly, harnessing the energy from your shattered clones into your third eye to fire a concentrated blast of Illusionary and elemental energy into a single beam that attacks all those in its path, applying , burning, and vulnerability on hit. Each clone shattered amplifying the damage dealt.

Lucid Shards (Cry of Frustration): Destroy all your clones and reform them into large piercing Illusionary crystal shards at their location and fire them at your target, causing a small blast of mental and physical damage around your target, that applies 3 secs confusion, chill, and slow.

Chaos Spheres (Diversion): Shatter your clones to create large orbs of chaos energy on creation that explode, each blast damaging enemies and dazing them while applying blindness in the explosion radius.

Mental Calamity (Distortion): Destroy all your clones, shattering the earth beneath each clone and apple cripple and weakness. Then at the same time create a giant space of distorted energy to form around you. Within this space, you and your allies will remain invulnerable to damage and conditions, and enemies will receive continuous ticks of damage and cripple while the earth shakes beneath them from the distorted illusionary energy.

New Weapon - Mainhand Pistol

  1. (Chain) Mystic Shot - Shoot your target with an illusionary bullet that damages your foes mind and body.Mystic Bolt - Shoot your target again summoning and additional three illusionary bullets that hit your target.Mystic Finale - Fire a barrage of illusionary bullets that hit the target. Each bullet fires from small purple portals that appear near the caster.

  2. Reverse Blast - Teleport backwards causing a clone to appear in your location that fires off the Mystic Shot Chain. Gain distortion for a brief moment while firing a ethereal shot causing a small explosion of chaotic magical energy that applies immobilize to enemies within the small blast radius.

  3. Prism Barrage - Spin and fire a barrage of arcane bullets that fire from your pistol as well as from small illusionary portals, attacking everything within the radius round you. Gain distortion for the duration of the spin.

Utility Spells - Glyphs

  1. (Healing) Glyph of Mental Clarity - Clear your mind and thoughts gaining health, resistance, regeneration, and clear 3 conditions.

  2. Glyph of Creation- Summon 2 Illusionary Gunslingers that leap towards the target shooting blasts of arcane energy that explode on impact. Summon two clones after the phantasms finish attacking.

  3. Glyph of Solar Plexus- Connect with your Third Eye and summon a large arcane portal above your targets position and rain down radiant bullets of illusionary energy, damaging foes and causing cripple with each hit.

  4. Glyph of Eternal Paradigm- Concentrate your mental senses, amplifying your mind and body. Gain Resistance, Regeneration, Might, Fury, and Swiftness for several seconds. Break Stun. If used to break out of stun, this skills Cooldown is reduced.

  5. Glyph of Pandemonium - Create a space of psychotic chaos, severely mentally damaging enemies caught within the destructive mental storm. Each target will take damage, become blind, crippled, vulnerable and weak. Once the storm is over, all enemies will be pulled in at the end of the storm's duration, and a blast of ethereal energy will damage enemies a final time.

  6. (Ultimate) Glyph of The Doppelganger - Open your mind to the truth of reality gaining insight to other dimensions, and Summon an alternate version of yourself. This version of you has 70% of your power and will last until it is dismissed or killed. Your alternate you has your equipment, spells, weapons, and looks like you except with a dark purple fire aura around it. The player has the ability to EDIT his doppleganger's name, equipment, and spells. Your Doppelganger has the typical pet mechanics the ranger's pet has like; attack, defend etc. Your doppelgänger cannot summon clones, so certain spells cannot be used.

So thats it everyone. I hope some of you will find this spec cool and interesting. I didnt go into detail with how long certain spells last, cooldown etc due to the fact that this is something I wanted to quickly create. Hopefully those at ANET will check this out and gain some sort of INSPIRATION from it for their next elite specialization for the Mesmer. We artist are everywhere and maybe my creation will find it way into Tyria. If not it was fun creating this spec. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this. ****

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