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[NA][GoM][WvW] We Are Pushing [HERE] Recruiting XP'd and New/Trainable Players Alike!

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[HERE] is here! WvW-GoM Mon/Wed/Sat,8pm EST start, guild builds, discord, LF individuals who want to learn and improve as a group. Fight-focused group of folks that enjoy the competitive nature of WvW but understands and appreciates the fun and relaxed atmosphere a guild should have. Members from all walks of life in the guild and accepted into the guild. The true judgement-free zone :P Constant conversation and group-think as the meta changes and our comp/style evolves to the needs on the battlefield. At the end of the day, wanting to field 20-25. At 15 currently. Shoot a mail or whisper to pricefrankd.1245 or weward.5174 for any questions or other inquiries. Thanks for checking us out! See you on the field!

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We raid sun/tues/thurs at 8est to 9:30/10est in the evenings. I'd like to see folks showing up at least 2 days a week, one bare minimum. I don't expect people to play every day, but being a smaller guild group to build synergy and become comfortable with my commands, ect to be fairly active. Any other questions feel free to whisper/mail me in game or I'll keep an eye on the forum post.

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