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PvP Placements on Dagger Weaver [Video]


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performs better than most think. dont judge it by its performance against sword weaver and start taking it for what it is.

  • not the best 1v1 build but can sustain for a good enough amount

  • good enough roaming capabilities

  • good enough mitigations against power damage

  • good enough mitigation against the current! condi output

  • great cc - performs imo better than (upcoming) hammer war which you should counter in 1v1

  • range hate

  • good enough pressure and controle against zerker threats (way better than any sword build in regards to offense/defense destribution)

biggest problem imo is that it blurs into different pvp roles. it has pointholder qualities but not rly against everything. it has burst capabilities but not as good as other classes do. it has good mobility but again others are better.

it was best utilized when i had the oportunity to roam around the map and +1 kinda like rev or go for teamfights. the cc feels rly strong in the current meta.in some other matches it felt more usefull to take on soulbeasts and pray for +1 to happen.

if you got more bruisers on your team than make shure to communicate u gonna roam and + and they hold point. the biggest throws came by ppl not reading and looking at whats in front of them but reacting upon knowledge they received in their past.

Build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQJAodncMAF5i14C+4CM5ilGA7OT/pD1FHyrwUQoAEAihA-jJxHAB9s/AAnAAlfAA0XGAA

the one thing weavers arnt aware of atm is that EoR + Air line gives u the possibility to ignore precission esp combined with daggers aura. but pala as amulett is still the best choice in regards to tough and vit for pvp imo.

some chill days to u guts&grrls


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