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My 2 cents on the elementalist (PvE point of view)


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Hey so it's been a while now since I've wanted to share my random thoughts on that class sooo here I go.

Ever since I started the game (I can't recall for sure, it wasn't long after launch) I've played elementalist. I love the idea of having different attunements and rotating through them depending on the situation. I'm going to start with my thoughts on core ele:

  • Core elementalist has a lot of potential. The attunements shouldn't be affected by chill, this hinders the elementalist waaay too mutch compared to others classes. Perhaps another core off-hand weapon could fill the gaps in some builds? But that's not a big issue, those we already have already offer good options. The focus might need more impactful skills in PvE. The trait lines have some potential but don't feel impactful enough, with a few exceptions that actually feel too impactful (I'll get into a specific example later). I think that defining their respective roles better can only be a good thing, because it all seems a little blurry right now. I don't like the new aura transmuting thing, it feels clunky and doesn't feel nice to use. Perhaps this would be better tied to the Tempest's shouts?
  • The Tempest has some issues, I think, on the DPS builds. Basically I feel like the only viable option for a melee build is to run Fresh Air and to spam Air Overload. I know the elementalist is in desperate need of buffs, so it might sound strange, but I think Fresh Air should stop refreshing Air Overload. I mean by that, when you overload, then swap to another attunement, refresh your Air cooldown, and go back to Air, the overload itself should still be on its full cooldown, instead of being reset to 4 seconds. That would remove the spam fest, and would probably bring some depth to the specialisation. That brings me to the Overloads, which I feel aren't a new class mechanic. They just feel like additional cooldowns that just happen to increase our attunement cooldowns. They should bring something to the rest of the kit, perhaps a long-lasting buff that would momentarily change the way we play the elementalist?
  • The Weaver feels amazing. The only issue I have with it, is the double attuning thing. When we chose to fully attune to the same element, it only brings one ability (the rest was either already accessible, or was going to be accessible on our next attunement change anyway). So I feel that locking us for 4 full seconds only makes the rotation feel slow... I think the one thing the weaver needs, is to reduce the attunement CD to 2 seconds when we dual attune to the same element. If needed, I'm all for reducing the Elements of Rage duration in compensation.
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